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Friday, May 28, 2010

Lipa At Dora Golding- Summer 2004

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Abra Kadabra

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

English Translation of “Dimyonis- Fantasies”- Track 7 of Lipa B’Derech

Here is a part of an interview where Lipa explains a little about this song:

Here is the English translation:

A person who ponders too much:

When I arrive they stop talking
Whenever they can they try to put me down
I don’t know why nobody can tolerate me
Angry at me, I don’t know why
I see how he’s speaking and making facial expressions (and twisting his nose)
Out of the whole group they always exclude me
From outside he’s good- and from inside he’s bitter
A lot of bad he does to me- why?
A beautiful Simcha- Invitations are sent
Only me they didn’t invite- why?
He spends time with everyone- he goes out of his way to help them
But only me he lets hang- why?
He finds liars (against me)- he riles everyone up (against me)
He gets under my skin- why?


Don’t think, don’t imagine
Don’t ponder, don’t whine
Because every minute of speculation
Can drive you crazy
It doesn’t pay to fantasize
A person analyzes- and a story develops
And for someone else it causes tears
Hebrew: No bears and no forest
Yiddish: No forest and no bears
(This is an expression that is used when someone for example creates a fictitious story “There were bears and a forest”. We then tell him “There was no bears and no forest—It’s bologna what you’re saying”)

The house owner takes a walk in his garden
In his hand is a machine, he’s cutting the grass
His neighbor from the window sees this grass cutter
He looks and thinks and a light bulb goes on (in his head)
I’ll borrow it from him, I could surely use it
He’s already baking a story, a fantasy he’s already kneading
My grass is growing, he sees it
His grass cutter I’m asking for
He does nothing- for me
It’s always a hardship for him- to do favors warmly
Now I’m begging to have some compassion
He is always borrowing from me- he doesn’t pay his debt
Such an ingrate (Kofay Toiva)- is he
(He says) not to worry (when it comes to him paying his debts)- I can wait till tomorrow
He will not lend it to me- I’m thinking
He goes over there to find his neighbor
The neighbor opens the door
The friend starts yelling and screaming there
The neighbor looks, am I perhaps dreaming
He just wants to ask him what’s going on
The friend continues screaming and says with firmness:
“Let my grass grow until the sky I still won’t need your grass cutter ok”?!......
The neighbor looks (at him) completely confused
What does he want from me, I just don’t understand
He asks this friend questioningly
You’re hallucinating, you didn’t even ask
You’re not asking me for anything and yet you’re angry
I’ll lend it to you gladly so what is your gripe

The friend responds:

I’m sorry I didn’t mean it
Please don’t be upset
I got angry, I myself don’t know- why


You’re wasting your time- you fantasize for no reason
I will be realistic- why?
Because meaningless fantasies- do not have interpretations
Save your sanity
Fantasies, false ideas
Brings you only pain and embarrassment
When people think (too much into things)- It brings on arguments (machlokes)
And you make enemies- like this
Straighten your mind- don’t fantasize
You will enhance your life- like this
Think with intelligence- without false illusions
It’s all empty illusions
Let go of all your dreams already
And see that it’s all fantasies……

Friday, April 9, 2010

Name Of New Lipa Album

The new album will be called MAY-Imka D'LIPA (From the depths of Lipa) due out MAY 16th ImH.
MAY 16th
MAY we enjoy?

Monday, March 22, 2010

New Album Pre-Release Premeire

The album itself is due out May 16th I"H


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Brand New Lipa's Haggada Shel Pesach

Happy Birthday Lipa!

Lipa is Kenainihara now 32 years old. Mazel Tov!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lipa On Nachum Segal Getting Ready For HASC 23

This was on December 30, 2009