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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lipa Mania

Just some sights in Boro Park that continue to show just how strong Lipa Mania really is:

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Categories Of People

When it comes to Lipa, there are 3 categories of people. Each category, of course, has many subcategories, which I wont go into so much detail on due to the psychological complexities involved. Here are the 3 categories:

1. People who love Lipa and are not afraid to show it

These are the people who are big Lipa fans. They get their picture taken with Lipa, they get his autograph, they talk to him and try to be friendly with him. Fans of this site fall into this category.

2. People who like Lipa but don't wanna admit it

These people are not innately bad, they just feel that their honor and dignity is at stake. They love listening to Lipa and watching him perform but when asked about it they wont praise Lipa or even say that they like him. They'll just say: "Yea he's a regular singer, I'm not really that much into music anyway." And yet by weddings you'll find that they can't take their eyes off of Lipa's performance and they'll follow him around and gawk, but only from a safe distance. They would never get his autograph or get their picture taken with him. They feel that if they acknowledge Lipa's amazingness it'll take away from their own self worth. That it'll somehow put their importantness as a person down to some degree. But let's move on to the 3rd category.

3. People who realize how great Lipa is but are completely saturated with JEALOUSY

This category ranges from the slightly jealous people (who say: "Eh Lipa is a nobody, who cares about him, ha ha hu") to the EXTREMELY JEALOUS. The ones in the extreme area go so far as to threaten Lipa and his family and who want to knock him off of the Jewish music scene. Some of these people are so jealous that they go around lying to Rabbonim about Lipa and paying thousands of dollars for posters (and ads in newspapers) to be hung up saying how bad Lipa is. The Jealousy is just eating up at these people. They can't take it anymore. Lipa drives them completely insane and completely crazy. They cringe at the mention of his name. They think to themselves: "Why is Lipa so successful and liked and I am not?" They therefore try to bring him down. I really feel bad for these people. I give them a bracha that they should convert all their jealousy for Lipa into being BIG fans of Lipa and to being Msameach from him together with the rest of Klal Yisrael. And may Lipa with his Music be the one to greet and welcome in Moshiach very speedily in our days. Amen. Abimelebt!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

When Lipa Was On The Nachum Segal Show.......

With this post I just wanna show everyone how choshuv, Lipa is held to be. Way back, when Lipa was on the Nachum Segal radio show there were 2 people who called in with interesting things to say. One caller said that their family made a sheva brachos and (you're ready for this?) the THEME of the sheva brachos was Lipa Schmeltzer. I kid you not. They played Lipa songs and who knows what else (there was probably Lipa pictures and Lipa figure centerpieces all over the place). The other caller was calling from Eretz Yisrael and he said that the other day he saw helicopters all over the place. The police were closing off the streets with barricades and their was a major tumult going on. He thought Lipa Schmeltzer was coming but then realized that it was only because President Bush was in town. Wow, what an influence Lipa has on people. unbeLIPAble.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Some Lipa Sefira Music

Here is a video of some Lipa sefira music to hold you up until Lag B'Omer. I think he is making up the words on the spot. It's Amazing how he can Rock a place up even without ANY instruments but just his charisma and voice alone. Now this is what people call "TRUE HASHEM GIVEN TALENT".

Lipa's Fans

I came across some very interesting reading material from someone else's site. Look and see just how the Lipa fans are inspired and made LIPAdig by Lipa's presence. Here is a copy of some text from that site:

Can I Have a Chicken Soup? it has to be VERY HOT
wattupYesterday was a big day for me. Besides working late, learning a while, and joining a new shiur, i had a zchus that lots of people would love to have and i feel honored.As i was picked up from my boro park office to go to this new shiur, i felt i was hungry and needed a quick fries. So, lucky my driver knew his boro park food locations, and we stopped off at McFleishigs (or BigFleishigs) for some fries. As Im ordering, i sense a presence behind me. And, sure enough, who walks in, "LIPA" let me give you guys a minute to let that sink in.ready? ok. I see lipa walking in with his shofer/bodyguard (lol) and my heart skipped a few beats. literally. partly because im a big lipa fan, and partly because my driver would literally run from 16th avenue to williamsburg if he knew lipa was at a chasunah there, and he is right outside. so i call him. Now im thinking that hes for sure not gonna believe me, and he'll think that im pulling his leg, and whatever. But, being that he has lipa's license plate memorized, he sees his car, believes me, and dashes the time span before my driver walks in, i stood watching lipa order. he says "can i have a chicken soup? it has to be very hot. Do you have sesame chicken? no? o then can i have........"and at that point my attention broke as my clerk wanted my money, so i missed the rest of his order. o well. anyway, i was trying to think of something to say to him, as my driver walks in. Now this guy collects lipa chasunah recordings and he has lipa posters all over his house. Lipa of course knows his name, so as my driver pulls out his hand and says "how are you doing lipa?" lipa says "baruch hashem fine how are you?"

Moral of the story: LIPA ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL (LIPAing Out Loud)

Take The New Lipa Quiz

How much do you really know about Lipa Schmeltzer? Take the Lipa quiz to find out. (The correct answers and results are listed after the quiz.)

1. What is Lipa's favorite food?

a. Chulent and Kugel

b. Kukush Cake

c. Salami

d. Macaroni

e. Shlishkes

2. What was Lipa's first cd?

a. Kenainehhara

b. Shema

c. Nur B'Simcha

d. B'Derech

e. L'Tovah

3. What is Lipa's favorite day?

a. Purim

b. Shabbos

c. March 9th

d. Thursdays

e. Everyday

4. What is Lipa's favorite song?

a. Gelt

b. Kenainehhara

c. It depends on the mood

d. Shema

e. Gam Zee L'Tovah

5. What did Lipa's bumper sticker say?

a. Gam Zee L'Tovah

b. Hut Bitachon Vet Ales Zan Gut

c. Abimelebt


e. Schmeltzer

6. What is Lipa's full name?

a. Eluzar Lipa

b. Simcha Lipa

c. Chaim Yechiel Lipa Dovid Shmuel Halevi

d. Chaim Lipa Simcha

e. His full name is just Lipa

7. How do you really spell Lipa's last name?

a. Shmeltzer

b. Schmeltzer

c. Schmelczer

d. Shmelczer

e. Schmelctzer

8. How many cds did Lipa come out with so far (Including the project x's)?

a. 6

b. 7

c. 8

d. 9

e. 10

9. What Chaseedus is Lipa from?

a. Bobov

b. Skelena

c. Skver

d. Pupa

e. Ger

10. What does Lipa wear on Motzei Shabbos?

a. Boots

b. Red Socks

c. White Gloves

d. A Bekitcha with yellow buttons

e. A tee shirt

Here are the answers:

1. A. Chulent and Kugel

2. C. Nur B'Simcha

3. B. Shabbos

4. C. It depends on the mood

5. B. Hut Bitachon Vet Ales Zan Gut

6. A. Elazur Lipa

7. C. Schmelczer

8. D. 9

9. C. Skver

10. A. Boots


If you got 7-10 right: You are a HUGE Lipa fan. You have amazingly good taste.
If you got 4-6 right: You're Worthy of praise. Not Bad.
If you got 0-3 right: You're really a Shloime Gertner fan aren't you?

Friday, May 16, 2008

Schmel What?

How do you really spell Lipa's last name? Maybe you spell it: Seltzer. No, that can't be. That's the name of a drink. We all know how to schmel, uhh I mean spell, seltzer so why cant we figure out how to schmel SCHMELTZER?? The original Schmeltzering, sorry I mean spelling, of Lipa's last name, on his first cd "Nur B'Simcha" was: Schmelczer. I think that people just couldnt handle that, so THEY schmelled it: Schmeltzer with a T instead of a C. Lipa didn't mind so that spelling just stayed. But I do believe that the real correct spelling is: Schmelczer with a C. So here is a list of possible schmellings, sorry again, I mean spellings:


Ok, I think I covered most of them. All are agreed however on the spelling of the first name: with an L then an I then P then A, Spelling:


Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Big Mistake

I recently posted this on a site in reference to the Big Event:

Lipa had to back out. Gertner was getting out of hand and thats why they had to ban the concert. And once Gertner backed out, Lipa couldnt just perform himself. It would not be right to all those people who just bought tickets to see Gertner. Lipa's mistake was joining such a contraversial singer like Gertner. If only he would've been with a less contraversal singer than Gertner, the concert probably would not have been canceled. It's not fair I tell you!!! What does everyone have against Gertner? Why is Gertner not allowed to make a concert and everyone else can?

The Top 5 List

Alright, we're gonna start the site off right away with a deep question. What are the top 5 Lipa songs of all time? First off, I'm gonna give you my criteria for this question. To make the top 5 list the song has to be: fast, from an official Lipa cd, and it has to be Lipa's own song (not someone elses song that Lipa just happens to sing much better). I understand that there are alot of slow good songs, but for this list we're only going with fast. Here is the top 5 list:

1.Wake Up
4.Gam Zee L'Tovah
5.Moshe Rabainee

These 5 are not necessarily in order from 1 as the greatest down to 5, but all five are just bunched together as the top 5 of all time (although number 1 and 2 are correct; Wake Up has officially surpassed Gelt on the all time list as Lipa's greatest song ever, with Gelt taking second place (This news item may require its own post to be properly studied)).