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Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Top 5 List

Alright, we're gonna start the site off right away with a deep question. What are the top 5 Lipa songs of all time? First off, I'm gonna give you my criteria for this question. To make the top 5 list the song has to be: fast, from an official Lipa cd, and it has to be Lipa's own song (not someone elses song that Lipa just happens to sing much better). I understand that there are alot of slow good songs, but for this list we're only going with fast. Here is the top 5 list:

1.Wake Up
4.Gam Zee L'Tovah
5.Moshe Rabainee

These 5 are not necessarily in order from 1 as the greatest down to 5, but all five are just bunched together as the top 5 of all time (although number 1 and 2 are correct; Wake Up has officially surpassed Gelt on the all time list as Lipa's greatest song ever, with Gelt taking second place (This news item may require its own post to be properly studied)).


Child Ish Behavior said...

I totally agree with you. These are absolutely the greatest Lipa songs of all time. Not that any of his songs can be considered bad.

Great Blog. May you, the Leepster be matzliach in all of your Lipadica work.

dude said...

this blog looks like it can go to great heights and reach levels of lipaness never reached before.
This is going on my blogroll!
But WHO AM I??

LEEPSTER said...

I'm glad that everybody is getting into the LIPAdiga spirit. After all, Lag B'omer is coming up pretty soon. (To the dude: "Levels of LIPAness"; I like that. I see all you guys are getting the hang of this. Maybe I should make a post with a contest to see who can come up with the greatest Lipa phraseology.)

voiceofreason said...

you have to be drunk to think that this wake up song tops "gelt". i think that it BARELY makes the top 5. his biggest hit ever is gelt-by far, i think a song like "mi she'omar" (or others like it) could easily overtake "moshe rabeini". but the top 2 are def. "gelt " and gam zu letova"

LEEPSTER said...

Voice of Reason: Wake up is an absolute masterpiece of a song. After listening once or twice I would agree with you that Gelt is better, but I noticed after listening more and more that there is a huge amount of little Shticklachs/nuances in the music. The depth of this song is musical genius. Besides for the obvious message of trying to convince somebody to get out of bed in the morning there is a second message. The song is a Mussar vort for life. Lipa is saying to "generally" Wake Up from the yetzer hara in all of our lives and to realize the truth. At one point he seems to be begging us "Wake Up" in a long drawn out deep voice. The wording is absolutely perfect in its meaning and flow. The war between good and evil is mentioned "There is a war in every neshama involving both Yitzrahs, the yetzer hatov tells you to Wake Up and look towards your Creator, and then comes the satan he wants to trip you up..........." I suggest that you learn the meaning of the words and listen a few more times and then you may agree with me that it in fact has taken over Gelt as number one(but of course Gelt is still standing tall as number 2 on the all time list).

Anonymous said...


My list is:

1) Sheli Sheluch

2) Gelt

3) Hentelach

4) Wake Up

5) real tossup: A Hyme/A Kapoore/Mi Sheomor

LEEPSTER said...

Well, on one thing we do agree; that Gelt is number 2.