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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Categories Of People

When it comes to Lipa, there are 3 categories of people. Each category, of course, has many subcategories, which I wont go into so much detail on due to the psychological complexities involved. Here are the 3 categories:

1. People who love Lipa and are not afraid to show it

These are the people who are big Lipa fans. They get their picture taken with Lipa, they get his autograph, they talk to him and try to be friendly with him. Fans of this site fall into this category.

2. People who like Lipa but don't wanna admit it

These people are not innately bad, they just feel that their honor and dignity is at stake. They love listening to Lipa and watching him perform but when asked about it they wont praise Lipa or even say that they like him. They'll just say: "Yea he's a regular singer, I'm not really that much into music anyway." And yet by weddings you'll find that they can't take their eyes off of Lipa's performance and they'll follow him around and gawk, but only from a safe distance. They would never get his autograph or get their picture taken with him. They feel that if they acknowledge Lipa's amazingness it'll take away from their own self worth. That it'll somehow put their importantness as a person down to some degree. But let's move on to the 3rd category.

3. People who realize how great Lipa is but are completely saturated with JEALOUSY

This category ranges from the slightly jealous people (who say: "Eh Lipa is a nobody, who cares about him, ha ha hu") to the EXTREMELY JEALOUS. The ones in the extreme area go so far as to threaten Lipa and his family and who want to knock him off of the Jewish music scene. Some of these people are so jealous that they go around lying to Rabbonim about Lipa and paying thousands of dollars for posters (and ads in newspapers) to be hung up saying how bad Lipa is. The Jealousy is just eating up at these people. They can't take it anymore. Lipa drives them completely insane and completely crazy. They cringe at the mention of his name. They think to themselves: "Why is Lipa so successful and liked and I am not?" They therefore try to bring him down. I really feel bad for these people. I give them a bracha that they should convert all their jealousy for Lipa into being BIG fans of Lipa and to being Msameach from him together with the rest of Klal Yisrael. And may Lipa with his Music be the one to greet and welcome in Moshiach very speedily in our days. Amen. Abimelebt!!!


The Babysitter said...

Wow, you have a talent of make everything revolve around the goodness of a Lipa.

dude said...

ya i definitely agree wit da babysitter
that pole of the best lipa saying is hands down HUT BITACHON.
the best by far
and idk wat i would consider mysef.
maybe 1, since im a lipa fan, but 2is also good for me, since im not THAT into him

dude said...

wow thats is NOT a god pic to have up....lipa holding an avoda zarah flag...

LEEPSTER said...

dude: Moshiach is not an avoda zarah.

Anonymous said...

leepster, smell the coffee.
noone said that moshiach is avoda zara. but the moshichist flag which represents chabbad mishichist sect, which more or less idolizes the REbbe is sort of avoda zara.
and i couldn't agree more with "DUDE" more, that perhaps it's a good idea to keep lipas moshichist tendency behind the scenes

confident said...

if u knew wat u were talking about that wud be great!

Philena said...

Interesting to know.