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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

English Translation Of Moshe Rabenu- Track 3 Of Mona 4

In the midst of alot of hard work, he decided, Pharaoh the wicked,
We have to sink the Jews, and drown them, in the river,
Because of a prophecy from the stars,
A child must be born,
He will lead us, show us, and redeem us Yiden,
From this suffering

There was a child that was very guarded, he was hidden in a box,
That was smeared with tar and lime,
So that he shouldn't get wet and freeze from the cold

When Pharaoh's Basya (Pharaoh's daughter) wants to go swimming,
Her hands became very long, she didn't have to strain herself,
To draw him in, to light up the world,
And from the small box- it shown forth a light, fear (of heaven), success, (and) Torah,
That was never seen before,
The star gazers kept on saying, this small, fine, nice, pure (one), will light up all of Yisrael

The Egyptians with their weapons, chased after the Yiden, until they found
Moshe Rabenu,
He woke up the Yiden, "You're not allowed to be scared", a snake becomes a stick,
Shows Moshe Rabenu
-And they had faith in Hashem and in Moshe, His servant

Pharaoh wants to destroy the Yiden, but he still can't get rid of them,
We still have a Father, Who sends
Moshe Rabenu,
Such screams, Pharaoh with the plagues,
Oh Yiden how wonderful it is, through
Moshe Rabenu
-And they had faith in Hashem and in Moshe, His servant

Our Rebi, our sheperd, you have to come back, the sheep herder,
Where are you already, in any moment he will come (Moshe Rabenu will lead us once again),
You will instill in us Emuna (Total belief in Hashem),
Just like it was by the splitting of the Yam Suf (the sea of reeds),
We saw your figure, we sang song (shira), because He (Hashem) is elevated above the arrogant (Ki Goi Goiu)

This is my God and I will beautify Him (Words from Az Yashir),
Standing in rows, and their screaming(of the Egyptians drowning in the sea),
Just like then, also now- Like new,
The God of my father, and I will exalt Him (Words from Az Yashir- Connected to the words above),
A light, fear, Torah, success,
Just like then by Mount Sinai

We all have the ability to see the sounds (The sounds at Mount Sinai were actually miraculously SEEN),
Yinderlach, how wonderful it is with
Moshe Rabenu,
A righteous preparation, a higher intention,
The Torah the gift,
Through Moshe Rabenu
-And they had faith in Hashem and in Moshe, His servant

We are constantly waiting,
Unfortunately a thousand years,
Where is the Cheder (Yeshiva) already,
Of Moshe Rabenu,
There's no more excuses, they've been taken away,
Moshe is a faithful servant, Where is Moshe Rabenu
-And they had faith in Hashem and in Moshe, His servant

Very soon we will live to see,
A light, Torah, no more fear,
From this yoke of exile,
And Moshe will give us a Shiur (Torah Lecture),
Torah, (There will be) success,
Also the Creator will learn the Shiur hour after hour,
No one will be unlearned,
Shining explanations (In Torah), The greatest Chidushim (New insights),
Says Moshe Rabenu,
And all those who toil,
In Gemara (Talmud), Shulchan Aruch (Law),
Will come and be blessed,
Blessed by Moshe Rabenu
-And they had faith in Hashem and in Moshe, His servant

How beautiful this is,
Our future, all one Chaseedus,
One Rebbe, Our Rebbe,
(Fearin Tish) Leading us with joy,
The Divine Presence at the head of the table,
Everyone with Emuna,
Believing in Moshe Rabenu
-And they had faith in Hashem and in Moshe, His servant

Moooshhee!!!!!! Moooshhee!!!!!!

Moshe rejoiced in the gift of his portion: that You called him a trusted servant. A crown of brilliance (Moshe's face glowed with a Divine light when he came down from Har Sinai showing that he was worthy to bear Hashem's glory) You placed on his head when he stood before you on Mount Sinai.

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Berish said...

Great work, Leepster!! Thanks!