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Monday, July 7, 2008

English Translation Of Al Tis'Hallel- Track 11 On "A Pasheta Yid"

(Parentises indicate implied words) [Brackets indicate explanations or the yiddish word being translated]

[From The Cd Booklet]

There is nothing like the "present", Don't harp over what was; Just keep up your spirits with good deeds!

[Translation Begins Here]:

Oi, when can I save myself,
And bring back years,
That have gone away from me,
Ran away from under my hand.
I wouldn't have sat empty (wasting time),
Only the time to use it up [time would be killed],
Whether cold whether hot [no matter the weather or the situation time was wasted],
If I only had the [Sechel] wisdom of today.

Many times you think with curiosity,
If it would only be a (standard) routine [a common thing],
That a man can [would be able to] turn back the clock,
What then would we have done [with our free time].
Then I jog my memory,
"The clock doesn't wait," I'm warning.
I'm still grabbing the few years,
You shouldn't give it away empty [by wasting years].

Don't praise tomorrow [Don't rely on tomorrow],
A baby, a child, a boy, a teenager,
Because you don't, because you don't, know,
A young man, father and grandfather,
What today will bring.

Someone (who on) Sunday wants Monday,
To drive somewhere Tuesday,
He sees Wednesday coming, It's already Thursday,
From Friday till after Shabbos he stays.
How did I get so delayed,
Afterwards I got aggravated,
I wish I can forget everything,
As fast as the time chases us.

To open a door, another bolt [lock] [things stand in our way and try to prevent us from doing T'Shuva],
To start fresh it's [M'Sugal] the right (thing to do at the right) time,
Because who could look in the mirror,
And say by me everything is right [fine].
We are given a way, not a bad one,
To make a better yesterday,
Start fresh to fix it [do T'Shuva].
It's nicer the days and the nights [after someone does T'Shuva his days will be much better].

Do not praise tomorrow,

Do not praise tomorrow,
A small child, a girl, a [Kalah] bride,
A young lady, mother and grandmother[in the song, Lipa actually says the opposite order: grandmother and then mother].
What today will bring.

Do not praise tomorrow, Do not praise tomorrow, because you don't, because you don't know, because you don't, because you don't know, what today will bring.

A 5-year-old begins Scripture,
A 10-year-old begins Mishna,
A 13-year-old becomes obligated to observe the commandments,
A 15-year-old begins to study Gemara,
An 18-year-old goes to the marriage canopy,
A 20-year-old begins pursuit [of a livelihood],
A 30-year-old attains full strength,
A 40-year-old attains understanding,
A 50-year-old can offer counsel,
A 60-year-old attains seniority,
A 70-year-old attains a ripe old age,
An 80-year-old shows strength,
And longevity of days.

Together we should go out to greet Moshiach the righteous one, quickly in our days.

Don't say when I come back I'll learn..........................

[The song ends with the sound of a heart beating]

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