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Sunday, June 29, 2008

English Translation Of Yener- Track 4 on "A Pasheta Yid"

(Parentises indicate implied words) [Brackets indicate explanations or the yiddish word being translated]

At home and by Simchas [happy occasions],
And anywhere you can,
You copy others,
Eventhough it makes no sense,
To live for yourself,
Who wants today to take a chance,
How do I do this, when everyone does something else.

Heh, neighbors and friends, (are) surely familiar,
Oh for all of them, to please them you must,
Nation of Yiden, nice Yiden, with the [this] problem,
Involved in [Moisdois] organizations, unfortunately everybody suffers from it.

What is nicer? Oh what do others say?
You, stop it, start living for yourself,
Others opinions let go, ask "YOURSELF": 'Who am I? Who am I? Who am I?'

What is nicer? Oh what do others say?
You, stop it, start living for yourself,
Others opinions let go, ask "YOURSELF": 'Who am I? Who am I? Who am I? Who am I?'

What should I buy? Which style?
So that everyone should give me a smile,
This hat, glasses, shoes,
They say that it's sweet,
It's hard on the ears [the hat],
It's heavy on the head [the glasses],
It's squeezing the feet [the shoes].

Who is this other, I'm looking for him so long,
That everybody runs after his footsteps.
From where is this system coming from? It goes without a boundary,
Conducting your life, exactly how the others want.

Who are the others? By ladies, men, who establishes everything, that's going on by me?
Others opinions let go, ask "YOURSELF", What can I [be or do]? What do I do? What do I want?
Where is the other, what can he accomplish, that everybody should live for themselves? [Why look at the other? Shouldn't everyone live for themselves?]
And everyone should understand, for "THEMSELVES", Who am I? Who am I? Who am I?

We do all this only for others, (to) run after the styles,
And therefore I wrote this in song [melodiously], to teach myself I allow this [I wanna learn from this song], to sing that's why I do it [I'm singing this to teach a lesson].
Yes? [Really? (people asking if Lipa is serious)]
Yes. [Lipa's response]
Now I'm finishing this conversation, start a new kingdom,
Make a new start, a life of tranquility, ask ask your Father [do what Hashem wants], don't think anymore what other people say.

Others opinions let go, live for "YOURSELF", Who am I? Who am I? Who am I?
Others opinions let go, ask "YOURSELF", Who am I? Who am I? Who am I? Who are you?

But what's nicer? But what do other's say?
Stop already, start living for "YOURSELF",
Live for yourself already, for "YOURSELF", Who are you? Who am I? Who are you?

Yes, it's nicer, when also [Yener] others [live for themselves], start finally living for yourself,
Others opinions let go, ask "YOURSELF", Who am I? Who am I? Who am I? Who are you?


The Babysitter said...

that is a really great song with an important lesson. thanx for the translation!

LEEPSTER said...

"that is a really great song with an important lesson." That basically sums up EVERY one of Lipa's songs.

dude said...

A-men to that leepster, A-men to that

Child Ish Behavior said...

I really needed Lipa to tell me to think of myself. I think Iwas thinking to much of others lately. Thank You Lipa. And thank you leepster for translating.

LEEPSTER said...

Yes, its true. Some people don't even realize that they are subconsciously making decisions based on others. So take this mussar song to heart and forget about Yener.

dude said...

regarding ur comment "that is a really great song with an important lesson." That basically sums up EVERY one of Lipa's songs."
even though i replied to that positively, and said "A-men to that leepster, A-men to that" im here now to take that bak.
heres the problem. i am a HUGE lipa fan myself, and i tremendously hold he is the best singer and song writer in the jewish music business. If one was to read any translation of LIPA's lyrics that u so masterfully translated for us, he or she can tell right away that no other singer can create these lengthy lyrics with loads of meaning, and can adapt it to amazingly unbelipably catchy tunes and beats.......
HOWEVER. after buying this cd, there are some songs that downgrade lipa majorly. hearing such obvious FILLERS such as "amen" or "halilu" makes me think that lipa is going downhill to a certain extent. when he sings these filler songs, he is NOT greater than the average shwekey or mbd....his voice is great though...but still.
NOTHING beats lipa's lyric masterpieces from the baderech cd, there was "vos is neis", "a kaporo", "mee sheamar", "GELT", "dimyoinos", these r AMAZING MASTERFULL pieces of art! even on keinehora cd! u cant mess wita "nishta shabbos geredt" or "keinehora" these are TRUE lipa songs.
(the non lyricy songs on keinhora were amazing, like "hut bitachon" and "chalom chalomti"and the samsh hit "raboisi", but still. these fillers dont show true lipaness)

on the new cd. all the lyricy songs are great! "yener" "ki heim chayeini" "a poshiter yid" "WAKE UP" all these songs are put on the cd, but are crammed with filler songs that canNOT be called amazing lipa songs.

dont tell me that i dont see the gadlus. bla bla bla. i DO see the gadlus. i just explained how much gadlus there is in a lipa song. with the filler songs there simply is no gadlus.

THANX. -dude

dude said...

with lipa, his own compositions of long lyrics=automaticly awesome.

short 1-3 line song, can be awesome, or cant be awesome.

LEEPSTER said...

To say that Amen and Halilu are fillers is TOTALLY missing the boat over here. First of all, that Halleluka is the most important of the five daily ones; if you only have time to say one Halleluka, you say the last one (the one sung on the cd). Next, You can't just listen to Lipa songs in the same way you listen to other musicians. Even "these two liner" songs have very deep messages that you will chop if you pay attention and really digest the song. At the end of Halleluka Lipa laughs and says: Ok (only) one more take, I gotta go...... That shtick hints at the fun beat in the song, that was really fun for Lipa to sing to together with Yitchak Fuchs. Do you even realize the stark contrast of deep strong voice to soft sweet voice in that song? The song has MAJOR uplifting qualities. There is also a big switch that takes place about midway through the song. Where at first it starts off softly with a flute and you think it's gonna be a slow calm song to where it goes to a hyped up jungle beat. There is also very beautiful ways Lipa uses sticklach and his voice in the Amen song, besides for the crazily deep message of answering Amen in the next world when you answer in this world. And this is all only the tip of the icberg; there are huge intangibles also involved. It appears that you already had your mind made up when you first heard these songs, that they are fillers and are no good. You probably just stopped listening to them after that. You can't do that with Lipa. LIPA DOES NOT MAKE FILLER SONGS. If these songs were made by Lipa you can be GUARANTEED that there is huge gadlus in them. You gotta take it slow, analyze the song, chop what's going on in the song, learn the sources, and be amazed. Don't just start jumping to conclusions. So many people after listening once say: Eh, and after listening 5 times say: Wow, what a great song.

The Babysitter said...

Leepster: if you were taking a music class and said what you just said in the comment before as your presentation, you would have gotten an A.

LEEPSTER said...

Wow, because that is only a small drop of what there is to say about the songs.

Anonymous said...


Haleli a filler song? Sorry, way out of line there to put it mildly! I never heard anything like it before and it stands out even among the rest of the great tracks on the album. Omein is not filler either - it is a good, solid song with lyrics that have yet to be used in JM.