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Monday, June 2, 2008

The Shtick Is Here

For a while now there has been a joke going around about Lipa making a cd about Asher Yatzer. No doubt, this joke was put forth by the category 3 people. Well now, Lipa has taken the joke and completlely turned the tables. One of the tracks on his new cd is called "Asher Yatzar." It is sung to the same tune as Rabosai. This is gonna be a big big Big BIG hit and show the category 3 people that Lipa will take your joke and mix it up, spin it around, and with a smile, turn it into something great. (An even greater shtick would be to mention the Big Event in the new cd- Listen carefully and you may just hear a reference to it- When it comes to Lipa you just never know). For a sneak peak listen, to part of the Asher Yatzar song, click the play button below. ENJOY!!!


dude said...

however funny this asher yatzar comback on chaptzem (who were the creaters of the lipa asher yatzar poster) may be, lipa is crossing boundries by making this song. i mean ASHER YATZAR??? sorry lipa. I love ur music and im a long time fan of urs, but COME ON!

Im sure itll be gishmak though

LEEPSTER said...

Asher Yatzar is a bracha just like any other bracha. The words are beautiful and it describes the wonders of the human body. There's no reason not to make a mussar song out of it.

Der Shygetz said...

Ektuelly, der joke fin Asher Yotzor was fin fans from Lipa and nisht fin der frumyaker!

And dis time der joke iz on inz bekauze dat ain't der zelber Asher Yotzor what we would tink from azoy vi we see Track 5 Asher Yotzor on a Lipa elbum!

Der Shygetz said...

LOL end det file iz NISHT der Asher Yotzor on der nayer album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LEEPSTER said...

So where does this file originate from? Is there more to it?

Itzhak Schier said...


Hmmmm....I think YOU recorded it LOLOLOL.

As everyone well knows the A"Y on the new album is from sheva brochos.

Binyan adei ad would have made more sense as a title but this was actually a nod to some of his fans who enjoyed a little joke at his expense by putting out a fake album cover for "Lipa: Asher Yotzor".

LEEPSTER said...

It sure does sound like Lipa's voice in that Asher Yatzar clip.

Itzhak Schier said...


No, it doesn't LOL! And the words in the background - am I hearing things or are they "raboisai mir villen *****en"? That is WAY too grub for Lipa.

Still a good one though!

LEEPSTER said...

You're right. After listening once or twice it may not sound like Lipa. But after listening a few more times it definitely sounds like Lipa. I don't know what to make of it. And I think in the backround they are saying "Lamer Aleh Shpringing" - "Let's All Jump."

Zanvil said...


Anonymous said...

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