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Monday, June 30, 2008

Why I Don't Post Reviews Of Lipa's Albums

Can a mother tell you which one of her children she loves the most? Can someone say which one of his fingers he likes the best? So too, can we really say which Lipa song is the best, which album is the best, which song we like the most. As Lipa says: I love them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Child Ish Behavior said...

You have got to be kidding me. I thought I made latzunus on my blog; now I realize that your blog has mockery on it too.

LEEPSTER said...

There is no latzunus on this site. There is only LIPAdigness!!!

The Babysitter said...

I agree with childish
"You have got to be kidding me"
Your just too funny with the LIPAdigness!

A mother loves all her children because they are a part of her, an extension. You can't choose over body parts, cause they are all a part of you.

So by using these examples, you mean to say LIPA is a part of you!

I have a question, (maybe an idea for another post) What got you so into Lipa? were you attached once you heard him the first time? or what?

LEEPSTER said...

Halevai, that what Lipa represents and stands for and what the messages are in his songs should be a PART of all of us.

The first time I remember hearing of Lipa was on the radio. I don't think "B'Derech" was out yet, but "L'Tovah" was. There was this radio show on Motzei Shabbos by a great guy named Lebidiga Al Gordon. He would play Jewish music throughout the night and run contests with trivia from the parsha. He would say: I'm getting alot of requests for this song called "Around The Yur Mit Lipa Schmeltzer". He was referring to the song "Koach Hanigan" on "L'Tovah" were Lipa sings about the different things people do around the year, from Rosh Hashana to Yom Kippur to Sukos to Chanuka etc. etc. He then played the song. I thought it was a really great song. But loads of singers had really great songs, so I didn't think that deeply into it. A while later, I was at a wedding. Now, I go to alot of weddings. The music was always the same typical wedding music. No one seemed to give it a second thought. At that time, Lipa was only well known within the chasidic New Square community. He happened to be friends with the Choson of this particular wedding so he came in the middle just as a guest and decided to just sing a few songs. So anyway, I'm there just doing what everybody else does at weddings. All of a sudden, I notice a change. The music started to get more upbeat. I never heard a new sound like this before. Then, someone tells me, hey, you know that guy, Lipa Schmeltzer, that Lebidiga Al mentions on the radio; well he's singing now. I say: really. I look towards the band. I see this short Chasidisha guy standing on a chair, the mike in one hand, the other hand balled into a fist shaking back and forth at full speed. He was jumping around and shaking full of energy that I don't think I had ever seen before. The energy level was completely crazy. He was TOTALLY absorbed in his singing, he seemed to periodically change his voice and copy other singers, he was amazing!!! People started staring. A crowd formed around this relatively unknown singer. He rocked that place up like I had never before seen, especially by a wedding. The crowd was mesmerized. The choson was a member of Chaverim. So, at one point a whole group of Chaverim members came in with bright orange Chaverim jackets and starting dancing in a circle. When Lipa saw this he started waving his fist in salute and switched the song to "KOl YISRAEL CHAVERIM, KOL YISRAEL CHAVERIM, CHAVERIM, CHAVERIM, CHAVERIM". This "guy" was amazing. He showed an ability to ADAPT to the situation at hand, FLAWLESSLY. Ever since then, I have realized how really special Lipa is;how his Siyata Dshmya shines forth in brilliance. It's all unbeLIPAble!!!!!!

JoeFlix said...

This is so dumb. Are you saying a father cant say "My son Shmuli specailizes in learning but he does not have a great
handwrtiting" "My son Yankel Sings well but I hope he improves his davening" etc.

Love does not mean denial. The only way we can hope that anybody becomes better and better is when we give them honest feedback.

LEEPSTER said...

I agree; there's nothing wrong with honest feedback. I only meant to ask: Can a Mother say wich one of her children she OVERALL loves the most? I don't think so. She loves them all the most.

The Babysitter said...

Leepster: ahh I see now. So its the upbeat exciting spontaneous way he's able to sing.

LEEPSTER said...

It's not just that. Books could be written about this.

Anonymous said...