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Friday, June 27, 2008

English Translation Of "A Pasheta Yid"- Track 6 of "A Pasheta Yid"

(Parentises indicate implied words) [Brackets indicate explanations or the yiddish word being translated]

I'm going on this path, since I was born.
In about the same way, but confused and lost.
I go out into the world, from the new generations,
Today, there is a different feel, yet the same Torah.

I will not fall,
I will stay strong,
(I am) from Hashem's generals [in His army],
Eventhough it's a hard world [This phrase goes back on "I will not fall, I will stay strong"].
I'm still not a Tzadik,
But I don't get tired,
I still don't give up,
I am a simple Jew.

And eventhough a Tfilah I don't understand,
I get broken up (yet) I don't leave this [he continues Davening],
Because I'm speaking to Taty [Hashem] in my simple language.
Just like a baby that has no teeth,
And can't speak but can only cry,
What this child wants the mother understands right away.
When one does Hishtadlus [puts in effort],
Who can estimate the worth,
What is in truth a greatness [It appears great to us],
Maybe in Heaven they see it as the opposite [Therefore, maybe even small effort is in reality greater than things that appear great to us].
We are still not a Tzadik, we're not allowed to become tired,
We're still not allowed to give up, You are a simple Jew.

I want to stop asking, and want to understand everything.
Through simple ways, I'd rather go.
I will not weaken myself, I can take small steps,
And accomplish great things, [Lipa in english]: "step by step".

Perhaps I'm not the greatest,
But still I am strong,
I try my best,
Eventhough I can't satisfy everyone.
I fight hard battles, Oiii,
With terrible enemies [the category 3 people],
So that the young Neshamas [souls],
Should grow up Ehrlicha [correctly]. [Lipa does what he does(his thing) to help out the young generation to stay on the Ehrlicha way, although he has to fight the category 3 people all along the way].

Worthless is, the ship's captain,
Without the manpower, to carry out the plan,
Because everyone has a part in this war. [All of Klal Yisrael must be behind the "Captain" of the generation in order to win the fight against evil. No Jew can be left behind].
Even if you are only the cook from this army,
Still I am sure that it is worth it,
"Everyone" takes part in this big victory.

You're not allowed to fall,
You have to remain strong,
(You are) from Hashem's generals,
Eventhough it's a hard world.
I am still not a Tzadik, Still I don't get tired,
I am still not allowed to give up, I am a simple Jew.

[Lipa's New Outlook]

Since I'm going on this path,
It opened up new doors,
It's no longer [B'Erech] approximiate [there's no more doubt],
There's no more confusion and (feeling of being) lost [Lipa then says: [Halevai]: I wish it to be like this].

Yes, you're doing Hishtadlus [putting in effort],
Yes, it's definitely worth it,
It is a big [Gadlus] greatness,
In Heaven it gets listened to,
If you're still not a Tzadik,
You're not allowed to get tired,
You're not allowed to give up,
You are at least a simple Jew.

The Rebbe Reb Zishe used to always say happily,
They [the Heavenly court] will not hit me [hold against me] for not being Melech [Reb Elimelech (the Noam Elimelech), Reb Zishe's brother],
The best that "I" can be, "that's" what they want from me,
I am Lipa, I am not the greatest [Lipa is just being humble at this point; He really IS the greatest],
But I will try my best,
I beg you: Taty [Hashem], help me when I try.

I will not fall,
I will stay strong,
(I am) From Your generals,
Eventhough it's a hard world.
I am still not a Tzadik,
I beg (You Hashem) I should not get tired,
[Lipa talking to himself]:You are still not allowed to give up,
I am a simple Jew.


Child Ish Behavior said...

Wow. yet another great translation by the Leepster.

Anonymous said...


Can you put up the original lyric sheet? If you need to link it somewhere let me know and I'll put it on one of my sites for PDF download.

I bought the download and I don't have the lyrics :(.

jayleno said...

u do nice job, but i think it is wrong to stick in reference that lipa not say (or meen).
i think u shuld stick to transation and let people do their own comentating.

u do unbelipable job translate, i dont think u should make machlokes, by trying to make personal types.
i meet lipa he not that type to try to give 'shtuch' at certain types of people
u do grait job y ruin beutifull thing

LEEPSTER said...

Itzhak: I'm so sorry. Unfortunately I cannot post the original lyrics. It does not come out clear.

Jay: I don't think Lipa is trying to "Shtuch" anyone. He is just stating the challenges that he has to overcome to continue his course. I am not mentioning anybody specific when I say category 3 people. It is a general term. Lipa himself said over this pshat (regarding his fighting these people) in the Nachum Segal interview. If you have a different pshat in the song please tell us.

Anonymous said...


Thanks anyway for trying - I'll try to get them from Mostly Music!

jayleno said...

leep: i know that LIPA wasnt trying to 'shtuch' anyone, he is too nice.
but it seem like u were yeh trying to 'shtuch' certain people.
and even if u dont meen a specifik persun but you meen a SPECIFIC type of person, that is still making personal.
lipa does not make personal attak.
like i say u do nice translate. why not stop there??? why stik in meening that lipa did NOT say ?????
we can ask lipa if he waas pointing fingir at people

LEEPSTER said...

I am not sticking in meaning that Lipa did not say and we dont have to ask Lipa if he was pointing fingers at anyone. Lipa is on tape explaining what he meant. Go to one of my recent posts with the recording of Lipa on the Nachum Segal show. At 2 minutes and 20 seconds Lipa says:"I'm fighting with people, I have M'Lchumos with people, only for what? So that the young generation should be strong". So you see, I did not make anything up. Lipa himself says he's fighting with people. And he's not fighting with category 1 or 2, so that leaves category 3. Why does that bother you? Lipa is not the one making any personal attacks. THEY are attacking him. And THEY ARE WRONG!!!! Lipa is a Tzadik and has done absolutely nothing wrong that requires T'shuva. And I don't need to defend someone just because some people don't like him. THERE IS NOTHING TO DEFEND.Lipa has done nothing wrong. He just makes people happy and that IS NOT A CRIME!!!!!

jayleno said...

es hut geven a very shaina rant that you went on, but es hut nisht tsu ton with what i said.
i heard all the interviews and he didn't say anything about catigory 3 people.
even if he didn't mean catigorry 1 or 2 , THAT DOESN'T MEAN THAT HE MEANS CATIGORY 3!!
lipa did not make up these catigorees YOU DID!!
like i say 10 time already you do good job translate- leeve it at that. there should be no explanation other than what the etzem word mean- teitsh pushite pshat- not your farkakte boich sevara peshatim.
lipas words are deep enough, and simple enough for anyone to get the message as long as they understand the teitsh.
so stay out of it- ad kan-

and please don't give me another no shaichesdike answer about if you have to stikk up 4 lipa.
i never said anything k'neged lipa that you have to yeh defend, no defend.
i said someting against YOU, who try to add to perfect product

LEEPSTER said...

Jay: How about YOU explain to me what this means: "I fight hard battles, Oiii,
With terrible enemies
So that the young Neshamas,
Should grow up Ehrlicha".
Please let me know, Jay, who these terrible enemies are. I just want to understand what the song is saying. You said that it's sooo Pashet. So please explain to me who the terrible enemies are.

jayleno said...

LEE:i practise wat i preach i don't give pshutim in R' lipa's toras.

i said it's poshut,but also deep.
i don't think he mean only himself in song,i think he also mean general milchama that every poshite yid fights.

ich hub gezugt ain zach, if lipa mean himself than he mean sum people who make hard on him.
but he didn't say nothing about any catigory

LEEPSTER said...

Ok fine. But I'm just giving my opinion that the people who do make it hard on him are jealous people. What other people would make it hard on a Tzadik? If you don't like my opinion then just don't read the brackets when reading the translation. That's all.

Mottel said...

is this translation approved by LIPA? I don't think it's translated well.

LEEPSTER said...

No, as of yet it has not been approved by Lipa. Which part don't you think is translated well?