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Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Version Of Lipa Sings The Titles Of His Cd Covers Including A Pasheta Yid


Anonymous said...

unbelipable collection . great job.
however for the sake of accuracy you might want to change the 'nussach' of your post...woops lipa doesn't have a song about 'emes' so we don't have to be 'makpid' about accurate bad.

and what's this outrageous promoting of your chabbad 'm'ishichist' agenda by casualy slipping that 'kefira' in-disgusting.
the fact that klipa altogether waves that flag is more of a 'p'sul' to me than his singing of rap songs

LEEPSTER said...

What is wrong with the way the post is written? How does it not accurately describe the video?

You say it's rap. I say it's yiddisha gramen with a beat. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with holding up a flag that says Moshiach on it. What is wrong with waiting for Moshiach?

Anonymous said...

shows how deep the inclination to inaccuracy is that you don't even realize it.

you call it "...the TITLE of HIS cd covers. . ." now while he does sing that. he also sings songs that are NOT the title(like project x) and some that are not HIS cd (like mona).

Now you seemed to have missed the boat with the rap comment.
First of all I was not reffering to any lipa song, I was reffering to the way he (used to) sing(s)
dirty rap songs with other words,
that obviously drew outrage, and I was saying that to me being a 'mishichist kofer' is MORE outrageous.
Secondly, if i had been reffering to a lipa rap song, how can you call it "yidishe gramin w/a beat"?
can I say that to me eminem is opera with a beat?? you can not make your own clasifications of music. Either you are clueless about music (even though you constantly spew "proffesional" opinions)or you are in a completey dream world (dimyon) blinded by 'negiyos'.

Finnaly by asking "what is wrong with waiting 4 moshiach?" you are showing how deep a state of denile you are in.
OBVIOUSLY there is nothing wrong to wait for moshiach- OBVIOUSLY. Infact we must wait.
CLEARLY that was not my objection.
my objection is to the "mishichicst" approach and the "chabbad mishichist flag".

LEEPSTER said...

Since within the video Lipa IS singing the titles of his cds (granted not all of them) the title of this post IS accurate.

Fine, call it rap. It's just another style. And I won't get into the discussion now of whether the goyish songs can be converted to Jewish ones, however, after Lipa has done it, the Jewish versions seem Kadoish. After going through the Lipa filter system the song comes out completely Kadoish and pure because Lipa is just a pasheta yid with a Heliga neshama.

I think that all Lipa had in mind while holding up that flag was: We're waiting for Moshiach. We wish he comes soon. I don't think he had in mind any "'m'ishichist' agenda 'kefira'" as you call it.

Anonymous said...

something that's half true, is 100% false!!!

the flag that he was holding is not just a moshiach flag(whatever that even means to have a "moshiach flag" idon't know since when belief in the 13 ikrim means holding a stupid flag, are they gonna make a belief in g-d flag??)he is holding the chabbad moshichist flag, and i believe that it is at a chabbad kfar chabbad don't tell me that he just wants moshiach

The Babysitter said...

anonymous: give him a break, the title doesn't have to be 100% accurate, its a generalization. All generalizations have exceptions it doesn't stop them from being made. Otherwise you can never say any statement.

Holding the flag could be for the sake of achdus. Libavich and Chasidish never got a long, so here its like showing we all believe in Moshiach, so don't call each other names. It doesn't show any kefiras in it.

Anonymous said...

i disagree with all of you. I think that lipa is holding the flag to show that HE is moshiach.

LEEPSTER said...

And how do you know that Lipa is not Moshiach? His name is: Eluzar Lipa. Aleph=1, Lamed=30,Aiyin= 70 (representing the 70 nations that Moshiach will rule),Zaiin=7, Raysh=200, Lamed=30, Yud=10, Peh=80, Aleph=1. So Eluzar Lipa (without the Aiyin, because that represents the 70 nations) equals: 1+30+7+200+30+10+80=358. Moshiach is: Mem=40, Shin=300, Yud=10, Ches=8. 40+300+10+8=358. So therefore, Eluzar Lipa=358 AND Moshiach=358. Rabbi Wallerstein said that Moshiach is gonna come from the most UNEXPECTED place imaginable. Very interesting.

Anonymous said...

there you go jumping the gun again.
i never said that he wasn't. infact i was actually gonna write that i think he's holding because he thinks that he is moshiach WHICH I HAPPPEN TO AGREE WITH.
but i just happened to leave that part out, and then you go accusing that i think he's not.
so there you go AGAIN not being dan l'kaf zechus, even though you sit and preach it and sing it.

but based on your gematria response i see at least that one rule of the blog is being strictly followed by everyone and that is- "any reference to lipa as an avoda zara will not be tolerated , unless it is made by the blog host"

ps why dont you ask R' Wallerestien what he thinks about lipa being moshiach

Mikeinmidwood said...

Nice lipa vid.

LEEPSTER said...

Thank You