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Monday, June 16, 2008

It's Not Poshet At All

First off, let's consider where I was wrong. The Asher Yatzar song was not the bracha discussing Hashem acting wondrously, but the one from Sheva Brachos. That now leaves us with this mysterious "Asher Yatzar" recording to the tune of Rabosai (see previous post, "The Shtick Is Here"). Is it really Lipa? Did he just record it as a joke in the studio? Is there more of the song than just this clip? Very mysterious.

Now, let's talk about Wake Up. On this one, I was basically right. Lipa definitely accomplished what he wanted to by making it sound really different than the original leaked version. HOWEVER, the original one is still BETTER. That is correct. You can argue all you want, but the new version is watered down. You might say, "It's the same thing," but no it's not; the original was more powerful sounding (in the backround) and the rap seems faster. I will say this: the new intro. to the song is absolutely fabulous. Is that Lipa's father on the machine? Whoever it is, it IS GREAT!! (LIPA!!!! Almost time for Z'man Kriyas Shema!!!! Please LIPA!!! Shty Oif!!!- LIPAing Out Loud) Also the music leading up to the first time Lipa says "Wake Up" is very good. That, however, does not mean to say the original Wake Up intro. was on a lower level of amazingness. So what comes out, is that the intro.'s to both versions are equally good, but the original Wake Up is the BETTER version. This leads us to a problem. Based on the criteria that a song must be on a Lipa cd to qualify for the top 5 list, the first version can't really be counted (and the version on the cd might not be able to knock Gelt down to the number 2 spot). Therefore, we'll just have to say that Gelt and Wake Up (the original version) are tied for number one on the list. Lipa has forced us to break our criteria and put the original version of Wake Up there (it's just too good not too). So what comes out, is that, amazingly, Gelt was able to salvage its title as number 1 although it'll have to now share that title. If this all sounds like a Gemara discussion, its all in the spirit of track 1 and track 10 which talk about Torah. The cd is just one big, rocked up, mussar vort.


Anonymous said...

several important comments about the blog.
that is a great classic lipa-" where are the chosson & kalla when are they coming?". but i don't think that it AT ALL looks like that "rabbi" is telling lipa to tone it down, to me it looks like the guy is saying "hey lipa i'll meet you in deli 52 after wedding" and lipa says "no, better we'll meet at chatzkels" so they guy says "yeh your right.
Which leads us to our next point.
Did anyone else notice that the host of the blog is CONSTANTLY conjecturing and trying to sell off pure speculation or opinion as about a little intellectual honesty,and some EMES!! I guess Lipa didn't put out the song yet about emes so it doesn't have to be practiced.
Which brings us to the next point.
While i give Lipa tremendous credit for trying to sing songs that have some type of meaning/message as opposed to many of the other singers today who just take random pesukim, or parts of davening, or maybe a radom gemara that they happened across, and put it to some music that may not at all be appropriate to the words, GRANTED! lipa excells in thhis department.
HOWEVER, perhaps do to no fault of Mr. schmeltzer there are some unruly people under the guise of "lipaism" "biggest lipa fan" etc. have turned lipa "following" into a hypocrytical persuit.
I will ignore the fact that- some of these people act as if torah , and proper behavior starts and ends only with that which lipa says
almost like those groups who ignore torah sheba'al peh- as per request of the host that we don't call it avoda zara.
so we'll skip that problem &focus on the way some of these people dance their way around the day 'mussaring' OTHER PEOPLE on their behave through lipa songs while COPMLETELY IGNORING some of their own flaws that are addressed by other lipa songs.
for example i know one of these people who often wouldn't be willing to go an inch out of his way for you,or endure even the slightest bit of 'tircha' to help another yid. while lipa has an entire song about doing chessed,and about many organizations of individuals many of whom dedicate themselves just to fill the needs/ request of others for the sake of the mitzvah of chessed.
Yet i can just picture this "lipa chassid" driving in his car listeng to "mach a mitzva,tu a mitzva" as he passes by a little yiddele who needs a ride as if the fellow doesnt exist! sickatating HYPOCRASY!!! perhaps they should put a warning on this wesite that if you are sensitive you may get sick from the hypocrasy.
Now if you are one of these "lipa people" reading this saying "yeh well maybe you need to listen to track__about 'dan l'kaf zechus'.
I say that you were just victim to the exact hypocrasy i just got finished describing, and perhaps YOU should go back and read my post from the top.
may we all be zoche to come to TRUE ahavas yisroel and chessed which will bring us to the geula, b'miheira biyameinu.

Anonymous said...

PS wow I'm even more on the money than i thought.
after posting my previous comment i noticed that the host follows his request for lipa recordings, with "tizkeh limitzvos.chop a mitzva mach a mitzva"
ha ....thats truly unbelipable

LEEPSTER said...

First of all, I gotta commend you. The conjecture of the conversation that Lipa had with the Rabbi, in the "Where are the Chosson and Kalllah? video," that YOU suggested (how the Rabbi is saying "Lipa, after the wedding we'll meet in deli 52 etc.") is absolutely fabulous!!! It is absolutely hysterical "LIPAing Out Loud" material. In fact, I added that conversation into the post.

Now, to address your other points. You say: "Did anyone else notice that the host of the blog is CONSTANTLY conjecturing and trying to sell off pure speculation or opinion as fact." I don't think I try to say my opinion as fact. If I say something that turns out to be wrong I admit it (see for example the post "It's Not Pashet At All" where I clearly state that I was mistaken about the Asher Yatzar song). If you have an issue on something specific I said, please comment on that post and state exactly what you think and then I can address it there.

You say you give credit to Lipa singing songs with a message. This is a very good point. Thank you for bringing it up. But then you say, that although Lipa is good for doing this, it's bad that some people only follow Lipa (what his messages are) and not other aspects of Torah. Firstly, you said, PERHAPS this is no fault of Mr. Schmeltzers. I say, It's OBVIOUSLY not his fault. If he gives over a message and people decide to ONLY follow that message and not others in the Torah, how is that in any way Lipa's fault? Secondly, I don't know any such people who only follow Lipa's messages and ignore other things from the Torah. I think they just focus on what Lipa says more, because that's what happens to be in their mind. They use what Lipa sings and says, as inspiration to "Carry On" and they do that aspect of Avodas Hashem; but they are not ignoring all the other aspects.

Lastly, regarding your point on hypocrisy: I don't see how it's hypocritical to tell you to look at track 13 of Kenaynihara which talks about being Dan L'Kaf Z'Chus (judging people favorably). That song just brings out a certain point that I'm gonna use here. You are absolutely right that IF someone can do a chesed and doesn't for NO reason, then that may be hypocritical, if he claims to always follow Lipa's ways. HOWEVER, we cannot be the one to judge such a situation. Maybe at that point in time this person NEEDS to be listening to "Chop Ah Mitzvah, Mach Ah Mitzvah" and yes not have anyone else in the car. It may be that this person is in a state of Bahala (confusion) by all of life's experiences and he may be too Tzfloigen (totally confused and spaced out) to have someone else come into the car. There can be a million different Cheshboinois (calculations). Maybe by listening to the song now, the person will some time down the road be inspired to change and to do more Chesed (kindness) even if he's not on that level now.

Thanks for supporting this site. By doing so you're M'Mayla (by extension) supporting LIPA.

Anonymous said...

let me start with the end.

you say "Thanks for supporting this site". I don't support this site infact I'm rather against it.
although i will admit it is done very nicely, and professionaly(who cares does that make it a good thing??you can say that someone is a professional murder,and he murders with swift precision, does that mean it's a good thing??)
and there are some interesting thins on it,I feel that there exists on it a SEVERE lack of integrity.
so no thank you for thanking me for something that I don't support.

Next maybe YOU should stop acting so hypocritical.
and maybe YOU should be 'dan lkaf zechus' that i was dan lkaf zechus in those situations, and i knew for a fact that the person was wrong.
'agav' for the record 'm'ikar hadin'
i don't believe that there is an obligation to be dan lkaf zechus when it comes to someone who has a chazakka for acting(or not acting) a certain way

LEEPSTER said...

I don't see a lack of integrity on my part. And I believe that even when there is a chazakah as long as the POSSIBILITY for an action to be good is there, then you gotta be Dan L'kaf Z'chus.This reminds me of a story. Once, one of the Vilna Gaon's talmidim (I think it was Reb Chaim Volojin's brother), was seen on friday night with no yamaka running with a lantern in a r'shus harabim. The other talmidim asked the goan how this could be. The goan was Dan him L'kaf Z'chus and it was later found out that there was a woman giving birth and it was a pkuach nefesh situation where the lantern was needed for light. As this talmid was running, his yamaka fell off and he did not want to waste even one second to retreive it. Moral of the story: Always be Dan L'kaf Z'chus.

Anonymous said...

"I don't see a lack of integrity on my part."
of course you don't chazal say 'ain adam roeh nigai atzmo', a person is not inclined to see his own flaws. see my previous posts for several examples of lack of integrity.
"And I believe that even when there is a chazakah as long as the POSSIBILITY for an action to be good is there, then you gotta be Dan L'kaf Z'chus."
well are your beliefs based on knowledge of halacha, or emotional ignorance?
because halacha states contrary to what you say. see for example all the commentaries to that mishna in first chapter of avos.
and your story only proves what I'm saying that when dealing with someone who has a chazaka of being a tzadik we are OBLIGATED to be dan lkaf zechus.
anyway you ignore my main point. my main point was that I knew for a fact that in these instances that there was no 'limud zchus', and that you were further showing your hypocracy by no t being dan lkaf zechus about me having been dan lkaf zechus.

but then again i guess we all just must remember that "as long as lipa sings in on a tape, and we use it against other people when it works to our own benifet we can do whatever the hell we want"

LEEPSTER said...

No no no. You're thinking way too deep into all of this. It's very simple. LIPA ROCKS!!!!!!!!!! That's all you gotta know, for now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

The exchange that seems to be going on above looks to me as an outsider to be totally ridiculous!

It never ceases to amaze me how people from both sides of the spectrum are able to lose all sense of rationality when they argue amongst each other.

So let me break it down for you guys. In the world of Judaism and things Jewish, the aim is to do mitzvos, be good and kind to ones fellow jew (even before one addresses ones relationship with the Almighty) and rise up the spiritual ladder in a quest to fulfil our purpose on this earth... End of...

I am always amazed at the machloikes that is caused by 'Bible Bashers' rebuking others for making and listening to certain styles of music. It doesn't matter whether it's Lipa, MBD or anyone else - there will unfortunatley always be people jumping to cite verse and chapter in the most twisted ways, to try to put down the good work these artists do for the worldwide Jewish community whom they SERVE.

Whilst many so called Rabbonim will say the goal is to write obscure seforim with little meaning for the vast majority of the jewish public, others put their Koichos into writing songs and teaching people in a way that is frankly far more effective, potentially, than traditional rabbinic leadership. I see little difference between the two.

The sad reality is that the two are being forced into mutual exclusivity, mostly by the bible bashers who justfiably feel threatened by the success of the artists they bash. When will they learn to embrace their fellow jews, rejoice in their music and enjoy the music of their own culture just for what it is?

That being said, in my opinion, idolizing a singer is just as foolish as idolizing a Rebbe. But it's easy to see why people are idolizing artists like Lipa - they are confused and shaken by the irrational behaviour of the Rabbonim their parents taught them to idolize, and they seek new sensible direction. Does Lipa have the credentials to be a Rebbe? Probably not. Does he call himself one? I doubt it...

If people are strengthened and empowered to be better people AT WHATEVER LEVEL by the music of artists like Lipa Schmeltzer, then that's a wonderful thing. It saddens me that people who just don't get it, or are afraid to get it lash out at others who merely try to get on with their lives, taking inspiration from wherever it comes.

In the same way as somebody might relay a lesson from a shiur they heard last night to give someone chizzuk or mussar, let them refer someone to track 'whatever' on a Lipa album for all I care. What's the big deal?

Let's leave the gang warfare to others...

LEEPSTER said...

Very well said. I agree; especially with this line: "If people are strengthened and empowered to be better people AT WHATEVER LEVEL by the music of artists like Lipa Schmeltzer, then that's a wonderful thing."